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In general, children suffer from short attention spans and a tendency to forget homework assignments, but if these issues are serious and causing problems at home or in school, it may be time to have your child evaluated for ADD or ADHD. At Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Clinic in New Albany, Mississippi, the experienced pediatricians offer comprehensive testing options to confirm an ADD or ADHD diagnosis. The team also offers guidance and support to improve your child’s quality of life. Schedule a consultation online or by phone to learn more about ADD and ADHD testing.


What’s the Difference Between ADD and ADHD?

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a condition that causes a variety of symptoms that include difficulties concentrating or paying attention that go beyond usual childhood behaviors.

In attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), your child may struggle with their focus and concentration, and may also be unable to sit still or control impulsive behaviors.

Other signs of ADD and ADHD include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Being disruptive
  • Interrupting others’ conversations

These signs often appear in children around the age of 7 but can affect children of any age. It may be difficult to determine if your child’s behaviors need medical attention or if they are simply displaying normal kid behavior.

When Should I Consider Testing for ADD or ADHD?

When disruptive or forgetful behaviors begin to affect your child’s home life and school success, you may want to consider a thorough medical evaluation.

The pediatricians at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your child to confirm an ADD or ADHD diagnosis, and rule out other underlying medical conditions that can influence your child’s behavior.

What Can I Expect During an ADD or ADHD Evaluation?

Your child’s pediatrician discusses your specific concerns and reviews your child’s symptoms and behaviors. They also review your child’s health history and family history to determine if other medical issues may be causing the behaviors.

In addition to an in-depth discussion with you, your child’s pediatrician may request to speak with teachers and other caregivers that are present in your child’s life.

What Treatment Options are Available for ADD and ADHD?

Your Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic provider creates a custom treatment plan based on your child’s specific needs and medical history. They can provide resources to help your child thrive both at home and in school, despite their ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

Lifestyle changes may be necessary, such as improving your child’s diet and ensuring they get plenty of exercise each day. Your pediatrician may also recommend behavioral therapy and family counseling to better support your child’s issues.

In some circumstances, medications may be necessary for alleviating symptoms of ADD or ADHD. However, your pediatrician explores all treatment options before recommending prescription drug therapy.

Get your child on the right track by scheduling an ADD or ADHD consultation online or by calling the New Albany office.