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In House X-Rays

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Throughout the diagnostic process, your healthcare provider might require an x-ray to better understand the health of your bones, internal organs, and tissues. We offer in-house imaging services for patients of all ages at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic in New Albany, Mississippi.

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In House X-Rays: FAQ

What Does An X-Ray Do?

An X-ray is a diagnostic imaging tool used by physicians to acquire a picture of the inside of your body. This picture is acquired using electromagnetic waves that create black and white images. Health care providers typically look at bones, organs, and tissues to look for diseases, injuries, as well as measure progress from treatments. 

X-rays offer a variety of uses but are most commonly used to identify bone fractures. It can also identify respiratory conditions such as pneumonia and is used to perform mammograms. 

How Do X-Rays Work? 

X-rays produce these images through the exchange of electromagnetic waves between two equipment. Visual representations of your body are created as different types of tissues absorb the radiation and project that as an image. For instance, the calcium in your bones absorbs a lot of the radiation, which renders the white shapes on an X-ray scan. 

Is X-Ray A Safe Procedure?

Although X-rays use radiation technology for diagnostic purposes, medical advancements in the field have significantly reduced the amount of radiation needed to form clear and informative scans. X-rays are incredibly safe and are done by millions of people every year. This exam is simple, painless, and should be no cause for worry. 

What Happens During An X-Ray? 

Depending on the type of X-ray you are receiving, you may be asked to fast prior to your scan. Patients are typically asked to remove accessories such as jewelry and eyeglasses, along with any other metal objects, to prevent equipment interference. 

X-rays are quick and painless procedures and should only take a few minutes. You will be asked to stay still during the scan. 

You’ll be resting on a treatment table where the technician may drap your body with a lead blanket to reduce radiation exposure. They’ll turn on the device and electromagnetic waves will pass through your body and create an image of your internal system. Some providers may use cushions and pillows to support your body in creating the best images possible. 

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