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It’s natural for a child to showcase signs of forgetfulness and short attention spans, but when these issues seem to be causing too much of a disturbance in their home life or school life, then it might be time to have our pediatricians at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic evaluate your child for ADD or ADHD. Located in New Albany, Mississippi, Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic offers you and your child a team of highly-experienced pediatricians for comprehensive tests to confirm whether or not your child is suffering from ADD or ADHD. Should your child be diagnosed with either condition, our team offers the guidance needed to ensure your child has the highest quality of life possible. Schedule your consultation by calling us or online today and learn more about testing for ADD or ADHD.

How Are ADD and ADHD Different?

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is a condition that brings about a series of symptoms which make it difficult for a child to focus or concentrate beyond what is generally considered normal.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a similar condition that makes it difficult for a child to focus or concentrate, while additionally giving them difficulty with controlling their impulses or sitting still.

Other symptoms of either condition include:

  • Disruptivness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Constantly interrupting others

Initial signs of ADD or ADHD tend to appear in children around 7 years of age, but symptoms can begin at any age. It can be difficult for parents to determine the difference between normal hyperactive behavior and behavior requiring medical attention.

How Do I Know If I Should Test My Child for ADD or ADHD?

It’s understandable if you would prefer to consider your child’s disruptive behavior as simple kid behavior. But when these behaviors begin negatively affecting your child’s school life and home life, it may be time to strongly consider having them tested for ADD or ADHD.

Our pediatrics team at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic can comprehensively evaluate your child’s behavior to medically determine whether or not they have ADD or ADHD. We also test for other possible medical conditions influencing their disruptive behavior.

How Will My Child Be Evaluated for ADD or ADHD?

ADD or ADHD evaluation begins with a discussion between you and your child’s pediatrician regarding any specific concerns regarding their behaviors and symptoms. Your child’s family history and general health history are thoroughly reviewed to evaluate the possibility of other conditions possibly influencing their behavior.

For further evaluation, your child’s pediatrician may possibly ask to discuss your child’s behaviors and symptoms with their teachers and any other caregivers in their life.

How Can ADD and ADHD Be Treated?

If your child is confirmed to have ADD or ADHD, a custom treatment plan built off the medical history and specific needs of your child will be made by our pediatrics team at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic. We also offer guidance in the form of resources so that you can equip your child with what they need to thrive in their school and home environment while living with ADD or ADHD.

It may be necessary to make certain adjustments to your child’s lifestyle, including their daily exercise and diet. Family counseling and behavioral therapy may also be recommended.

In certain cases, the treatment plan may include medication for alleviating ADD or ADHD symptoms. However, all treatment options will be thoroughly explored before we recommend prescription medications.

Schedule your child’s ADD or ADHD consultation with IM&PC today by calling us or booking online.

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