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As one of the Southeast’s most acclaimed pediatric clinics, our team at Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Clinic located in New Albany, Mississippi, is always ready to provide world-class healthcare to your child from the moment they are born. Our pediatric services include immunizations, well-child and sick visits, postnatal evaluations, and more; everything your child needs to ensure they are growing in full health and happiness. Schedule your pediatric appointment with Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Clinic today on our website or by calling our office today.

Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic New Albany, MS

What Pediatric Services Does IM&PC Offer?

Our professional pediatrician team at IM&PC offer children and their families a number of services for both diagnosis and treatment, no matter how young your child may be. Some of our services include:

We also have experience diagnosing and treating a full range of chronic health issues for patients from childhood to adulthood, including diabetes and asthma. The ultimate goal of our pediatric services is to give you and your child the guaranteed proper health and development they need as they cross certain milestones as they age. 

Finally, we also offer telemedicine pediatric health care services, providing children with pediatrician accessibility during immediate emergencies and chronic conditions.

How Can I Help My Child When They Are Sick?

If your newborn or infant child is sick, the best course of action is to immediately contact your IM&PC pediatrician to discuss their symptoms and try to diagnose the issue. Babies and children who are older can schedule a sick visit if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms or similar symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Open wounds
  • Diarrhea and chronic vomiting
  • Difficulties with breathing
  • Infections
  • Widespread rash

If you have a child who is suspected of having a broken bone or muscle sprains, you should call our office immediately for guidance. In case of emergencies, our staff at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic is always ready to accommodate children for same-day sick visits. 

Serious emergencies such as loss of consciousness or head injuries require immediate emergency assistance with 911 or an emergency room.

What Diagnostic Testing Services Does IM&PC Offer for Children?

There is nothing more important than accurately diagnosing your child’s pain or condition as soon as possible, which is why Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic offers a variety of in-house testing services, such as X-rays and bloodwork. Our on-site lab allows for blood test results on the same day as your visit, allowing our pediatricians to prescribe the proper treatment plan almost immediately.

Our team offers comprehensive physical exams and throat swab tests for a variety of chronic and acute illnesses, including stomach pain and strep throat.

Once a condition has been diagnosed by one of our pediatricians, the child’s family history and medical history are reviewed before the treatment plan is made, ensuring that no further issues might be aggravated with the treatment and promoting the best possible recovery.

Schedule your appointment with our pediatricians today by booking online or calling our office.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • We love our Impc Family!

    Best with my children, Always uplifting and they truly care!!

  • Top of the line place!! From the front desk, to the doctors and nurse practitioners, back of the house lab techs. So very professional!!! I will never ho anywhere else!!!.

  • The doctors and nurses at the clinic always do a wonderful job. They provide great care and attention to patients needs. I have never felt rushed at appointments when talking with my doctors; all of my questions are answered. I am so thankful for their care and dedication to their patients.

  • Great atmosphere! All staff members were cordial, informative and eager to give you the professional care for this visit!! Thanks, IMPA

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