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Adult Wellness Exams

The best way to protect your health is to discover and identify potentially serious health conditions as early as possible. Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic in New Albany, Mississippi is well-equipped to offer adult wellness exams conducted by our skilled physicians. With our routine exams, patients can have a fuller understanding of their overall health and whether or not their body is functioning as it should. Call our New Albany office or book online today to learn about our adult wellness exams.

What is the Purpose of an Adult Wellness Exam?

It is important to have a regular and updated understanding of your current overall health. An annual adult wellness exam at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic allows us to discover and identify any potential health issues early on, which allows us to treat those conditions before they get serious.

Adult wellness exam appointments are also a great way to directly discuss your health and any related questions or concerns with your physician. Finally, annual exams give your physician the opportunity to check your existing treatments or prescriptions for existing pain or health conditions and see if any updates are needed.

What Happens During an Adult Wellness Exam?

An adult wellness exam begins with a discussion with your physician about any changes to your body or health that may have happened since your last wellness exam. The physician will study your family history and medical history to see if you are at risk for any certain conditions and if so, they will recommend certain health screenings.

A full physical examination follows the initial discussion, where the doctor checks various parts of your body for any abnormalities -- your nose, lungs, heart, throat, eyes, and more. Your skin and abdomen will be checked for any kind of pain or tenderness.

If your family history has conditions such as high cholesterol or diabetes, your physician may recommend preventive screenings of those conditions.

What Conditions Can You Check?

Preventive screenings allow your physician to check and identify any medical conditions that you may have, and these are recommended and performed according to your family medical history. Some of the following conditions can be checked with preventive screenings:

  • Heart conditions
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes

Aging-related conditions can also be screened, such as hormone imbalances and osteoporosis. With Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic’s in-house X-Ray and laboratory, we can perform many of the necessary screenings on-site and provide fast and accurate results.

Are Shots Involved During an Adult Wellness Exam?

Shots will be involved during your adult wellness exam if your physician finds that you are behind schedule according to your immunization history. Common immunizations protect adult patients against:

  • Shingles
  • Pertussis
  • Tetanus
  • HPV
  • Annual flu shot

Book your routine adult wellness exam by calling our New Albany office or requesting an appointment online today.

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