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In the United States, around one in three adults suffers from hypertension, and most of them are completely unaware of their condition. At Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic in New Albany, Mississippi, our staff of experienced physicians is equipped to offer complete diagnostic testing for hypertension, as well as treatment options to help you return to and maintain your ideal blood pressure. Prevent any health complications caused by hypertension by preventing and treating it with IM&PC today. Call our office or book your appointment online.

Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic New Albany, MS

What is Hypertension?

You may not be familiar with hypertension, but you are probably familiar with a condition referred to as high blood pressure. Hypertension and high blood pressure are one and the same. This is the condition when the blood along your artery walls stays high for longer than is naturally healthy, pressing force against the artery walls. 

If left untreated, this force leads to a number of serious medical issues, such as stroke, heart attack, and heart disease.

There are two types of hypertension: primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Primary hypertension cases do not always have an identifiable cause for the high blood pressure, while secondary hypertension cases have high blood pressure as a result of another issue such as a thyroid disorder or sleep apnea.

What Symptoms Should I Expect With Hypertension?

Hypertension is often referred to as a “silent killer”, as it usually doesn’t lead to any symptoms until the condition is at serious levels. Dangerously high levels of blood pressure can result in a number of symptoms, including:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Nosebleeds
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

If left untreated, high levels of blood pressure can lead to a heart attack of fatal stroke.

How Do You Diagnose Hypertension?

To ensure that you are safe from hypertension, our doctors at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic New Albany generally recommend yearly wellness checks to assess your blood pressure. With no obvious symptoms until the condition is dangerously serious, checking your blood pressure is usually the only reliable way to diagnose hypertension.

Blood pressure testing is simple, involving a blood pressure cuff placed around the arm, inflated with air to evaluate the patient’s blood pressure. If a patient is found to have high blood pressure, additional testing may be needed to determine whether it is caused by other underlying medical issues.

How Can Hypertension Be Treated?

Before any medications are recommended, physicians tend to recommend certain healthier lifestyle changes, such as a healthier diet and daily exercise. It is also recommended to minimize salt intake and return to and maintain a healthy body weight. This helps the blood flow more efficiently.

If blood pressure still isn’t controlled after these changes, medications may be prescribed to improve blood circulation and relax the blood vessels.

Once you are diagnosed with hypertension, it is recommended that you return for frequent blood pressure checks with your doctor, or check your blood pressure regularly at home. Your condition will be monitored by your physician to ensure the prevention of medical complications and heart damage.

Prevent and treat hypertension today by calling our clinic or booking an appointment online through our website.

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