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Hospital Care

Get extensive hospital care without going out of your way to find one. We at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic in New Albany, Mississippi offer thorough diagnostic tests for a variety of diseases. You can schedule X-rays, bloodworks, EKGs, lesion removal, and other hospital care services in-house. We accommodate health concerns that require more advanced care through in-patient practice at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Get in touch with us today to get expert medical care for all situations, with a team you can trust.

Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic New Albany, MS

What Does Hospital Care Entail?

Treatments and services that you often receive at a hospital such as post-operative care are part of hospital care. Our team at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic offers these services in-house for your convenience. 

While our facilities are fully-functional for hospital care, more advanced services may need to be handled out of office, at which you’ll be transferred to Baptist Memorial Hospital under the care of one of our many team members with an in-patient practice. This makes the care process seamless and more coordinated, whether you are receiving it in-house, at the hospital, or at home. 

What Hospital Services Do You Offer? 

We offer routine care such as stitches and suturing and lesion removal procedures, as well as diagnostic tests such as X-rays and EKGs. You will be referred to Baptist Memorial Hospital if your diagnostic tests and exams reveal a disease that requires more advanced treatment. During this time, you’ll be under the care of your physician at IM&PC. 

What Happens If I Need A Hospital Visit?

Some of our patients are referred to a hospital when they need advanced care. In this case, your provider will coordinate appointments at their in-hospital practice. Getting care is as easy as checking in the hospital and completing any paperwork, including your insurance information. 

Before your hospital appointment, your physician will discuss details including the length of your stay, what you should expect, and the preparations you should make before going to your hospital appointment. 

How Do I Know If I Need A Hospital Visit? 

Physicians at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic are equipped to diagnose diseases and deal with minor symptoms. But if your symptoms worsen or persist over a long period of time or if you are diagnosed with a condition that requires advanced care, you will be referred to Baptism Memorial Hospital. 

Emergency medical situations such as bone fractures and high fevers over 104 degrees need urgent medical care. We recommend that you call 911 and visit the nearest emergency room immediately. 

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  • We love our Impc Family!

    Best with my children, Always uplifting and they truly care!!

  • Top of the line place!! From the front desk, to the doctors and nurse practitioners, back of the house lab techs. So very professional!!! I will never ho anywhere else!!!.

  • The doctors and nurses at the clinic always do a wonderful job. They provide great care and attention to patients needs. I have never felt rushed at appointments when talking with my doctors; all of my questions are answered. I am so thankful for their care and dedication to their patients.

  • Great atmosphere! All staff members were cordial, informative and eager to give you the professional care for this visit!! Thanks, IMPA

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