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Telemedicine Specialist

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows the patient to be in their home and have a video conference with their provider to take care of chronic problems or address new ones. All that is needed for the telemedicine appointment is a computer or smartphone that has camera and audio capability.  

What can be treated via telemedicine?

Many common chronic medical issues can be managed by this service.  High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, and ADHD are just a few examples of conditions that can be treated.  Acute problems that can also be addressed are COVID-19 concerns, allergies, sinus infections, bronchitis and rashes. If blood work is needed, the patient can come to the clinic and it can be drawn while they wait in the car.  In addition, any prescriptions that are needed are sent to the pharmacy for the patient to pick up at their leisure

Who can be seen via telemedicine?

Both adult and pediatric patients can be seen via telemedicine as can new and established patients.

To schedule a telemedicine visit, call the New Albany office directly or use the easy online booking feature.