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Travel Medicine

Traveling can lead to amazing experiences, but it can also lead to a number of illnesses and diseases such as Montezuma’s Revenge. Our team of physicians at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic in New Albany, Mississippi, will help you and your family stay safe while your travel by equipping you with the necessary immunizations for illnesses and diseases you may possibly contract. Schedule your travel medicine appointment on our website or by calling us today.

What is Travel Medicine?

It’s important to get travel medicine before you travel as it can protect you from diseases and illnesses that you may not necessarily encounter when you are at home. With a combination of preventive medical services and illness diagnosis and treatment, travel medicine maximizes you and your family’s chance at staying healthy while you travel to other parts of the world. 

Our physicians at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic can provide customized treatments based on your destination and background, giving you any immunizations you may need.

Why Is It Important To Visit My Doctor Before I Travel?

There are many illnesses that exist in some parts of the world which have been eradicated or completely eradicated in North America, and you may not have the updated immunizations to safely travel around these diseases, such as smallpox, yellow fever, hepatitis, malaria, and more. A travel medicine visit will ensure that you have the right customized immunizations based on your medical records and travel destination.

What Immunizations are Recommended Before I Travel?

This depends on your medical history and where exactly you may be traveling. Common immunizations recommended for people about to travel include smallpox, yellow fever, hepatitis, and malaria. Specific immunizations will be recommended during your travel medicine consultation.

How Can I Stay Healthy While I Travel?

There are two ways you can maximize your chance at staying healthy while you travel: stay hydrated and always practice perfect hygiene. Drink only filtered water from clean glasses that doesn’t come with ice, meaning no drinking from cans or bottles. Use antibacterial products and regularly wash your hands.

Staying hydrated is critical to your health as you travel. You can begin building the habit of drinking plenty of water at home, and make sure to drink water while you’re in the air. To be completely certain of the cleanliness of your water, make sure to use reusable water bottles that come with filters.

Finally, always practice common sense. If you are in an area with mosquitos and high risk of malaria, make sure to have mosquito netting as you sleep.

Be safe during your travels by booking a travel medicine appointment with our team at Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic today.

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