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Back to School Prep: Book Your Well Visit Today

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The closer the new school year gets, the longer your to-do list grows. The last thing you want is another task to add to that list but scheduling a well visit for each of your children is worth the effort. Preventative care may help you avoid some of those inconvenient and unexpected sick visits later in the year.

It may even help you identify and treat problems that would otherwise lead to serious illness or daily life struggles for your child. While you’re shopping for new shoes, updating your child’s wardrobe, and waiting on that school supply list, spend a few minutes here learning about the importance of well visits.

What is a Well Visit?

Well visits are scheduled medical appointments that allow your pediatrician to monitor the health and development of your child from year to year. These appointments are focused on overall health and wellness rather than an immediate concern. They give your pediatrician a chance to evaluate your child for potential health problems.

Some medical problems aren’t obvious to an untrained eye and are difficult to diagnose. They may have subtle symptoms that aren’t noticeable until a trained eye evaluates your child and compares measurements and test data over time. When your child has routine well visits, you’re more likely to catch those health conditions earlier.

Even for a perfectly healthy child, well visits bring great comfort. You will know how your child has grown and developed since the previous year and will have a chance to ask questions and learn from a trained doctor.

Well Visit vs Physical

Well visits are similar to physicals, but not quite the same. A well visit is like a comprehensive checkpoint to evaluate physical as well as mental and emotional health. The goal is to measure, record, and track your child’s growth and development as they grow.

Physicals are more quick spot checks for physical health. They’re often connected with sports and are usually not as thorough as a well child visit.

What Does a Well Visit Include?

Your pediatrician may customize your well visit to the known needs of your child, but there are some routine checks that you can expect at every visit.

  • Medical history updates
  • Growth measurements (height, weight, etc.)
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Immunization updates, as needed
  • Screening for growth and development
  • Full physical examination

If your pediatrician notices any reason for concern during the well child visit, they may further examine your child to identify potential risks. That may trigger diagnostic testing the same day or scheduled for the future.

How Often Should a Child Have a Well Visit?

Children without known health conditions should have at least one child visit per year. Children under the age of five often have two per year, which allows a doctor to check their development during some of the most critical years of their young lives. Once a year is adequate for older children with no medical concerns.

Every child is different and should have a unique care plan in place. Talk to your pediatrician about the best well visit schedule for each of your children. That schedule may change as they get older, especially if there are new health concerns.

Back to School Time is the Perfect Time for a Visit

If your child hasn’t been in for a well visit in the last year, now is the perfect time to schedule that appointment. Allow a pediatrician you trust to evaluate your child and check their physical and

mental development. If there are any developmental concerns, you can start the testing process and go into the new year armed with knowledge and a plan.

You can also ask for recommendations to keep your child healthy with less risk of contracting colds and flus throughout the oncoming school year. Well visits are the perfect time to discuss the immune system, learning styles, and other general concerns. Kids of all ages can head back to school feeling their best this year.

Call us to schedule visits for each of your little ones, and don’t forget the teenagers. They need their well visits as well.

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