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Urgent Care

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Illness creeps in at the most unexpected and often inconvenient times. When symptoms strike, you need providers that can be there in a pinch to get you back to your best. That’s why Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic offers Urgent Care.  

The Value of Urgent Care 

Urgent Care is a convenient, affordable, and prompt option for routine illnesses and even some minor emergencies. 

Unlike your primary care physician, Urgent Care does not require an appointment. This can be ideal because it allows you to make a trip to the doctor’s office when you feel up to it. Most people want immediate attention, and with Urgent Care, that is possible. Additionally, Urgent Care is usually quicker than an ER visit.  

Affordability is another benefit of Urgent Care. ER visits often fall under a patient’s deductible and co-insurance requirements. While Urgent Care is billed more like a routine office visit with a co-pay. Of course, each insurance provider is different, but an Urgent Care visit will generally save you money.  

Services Offered at Urgent Care 

Most people associate Urgent Care with minor illnesses, like the common cold. And it’s true; we routinely see patients for cough, runny nose, fever, nausea, sore throat, and other common cold/flu symptoms. But really, Urgent Care can be a resource for more emergent concerns, too. 

Ancillary services, such as imaging and labs, support physicians in diagnosing and treating patients.  

Where to Go: Urgent Care or the Emergency Room 

A straightforward way to know if Urgent Care is a good choice is to consider if you would generally make a doctor’s appointment about your concern. Many studies indicate that patients often visit the Emergency Room simply because their doctor’s office is closed, but you should visit Urgent Care in these instances.  

Urgent Care 

Urgent Care can offer treatment for rashes, and common cold/flu-like symptoms. Additionally, if you experience some ailments on a recurring basis, such as earaches, pink eye, or a urinary tract infection, visit Urgent Care to confirm your diagnosis and get your prescription ordered promptly.  

Urgent Care can provide stitches if you have a small cut. Sprains and strains can also be treated at Urgent Care. Additionally, Urgent Care may be the right place to start for x-rays and referrals if you suspect a broken bone.

Sometimes, there’s a simple treatment plan that helps you manage more concerning symptoms, such as abdominal pain, persistent diarrhea and vomiting, or even shortness of breath. So, it’s ok to start your medical journey at Urgent Care, where a physician can diagnose the source of these symptoms and get treatment for you. If the symptoms indicate that something more severe is the root issue, the physician at Urgent Care will be able to offer a referral to help you navigate the next steps.  

Emergency Room 

Life-saving treatment should be handled in an Emergency Room. And if you’re the one in need of emergency services, do not drive yourself to the hospital. Call 911. 

Emergency Rooms are the first place to present if you are experiencing signs of heart attack or stroke. According to the American Heart Association, signs of a heart attack or stroke may include chest pain, lightheadedness, vomiting, shortness of breath, and pain or discomfort in upper body areas, including the arm, shoulder, neck, back, or jaw.  

Head injuries are also very serious and should be treated in an Emergency Room. Concussions, confusion, slurred speech, and facial cuts are most suitable for an Emergency Room visit.  

If you have a symptom or wound that you consider severe, report directly to an Emergency Room. Furthermore, Emergency Rooms are optimal treatment locations if you are experiencing numbness on one side of your body, fainting or changes in your mental state, or seizures. And all severe burns should be treated in an Emergency Room. All of these situations have life-threatening implications, and time is of the essence in providing treatment. So, it’s best to be in an Emergency Room at a hospital where a wide range of resources and staff are ready to assist patients.  

Urgent Care is Primary Care 

While Urgent Care is a convenient option, it’s essential to recognize that Urgent Care cannot replace the role of a primary care physician. At IM&PC we do offer both primary and urgent care services with our trusted doctors. 

Here When You Need Us 

At Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic, the trusted physicians in our practice manage Urgent Care so our patients can have peace of mind in knowing they are getting expert care every time. We offer extended hours to give our patients access to care earlier in the morning, later in the evening, and on Saturdays. Learn more about the Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic’s Urgent Care services. 

Next time you need care immediately, we’re here for you – and every member of your family.   

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